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1 September 2016

Be aware of unrealistic course fees, combining standalone inspection & testing qualifications and centres delivering these in less than 50% of the published Total Qualification Hours (TQT)!!!

A cautionary note to all potential candidates considering using centres who are not observing the TQT. TQT is comprised of the following two elements:

GLH (Guided Learning Hours) remains in place and credits can remain but are not mandatory These are provided to centres from the awarding body via ofqual who wrote the qualifications and assess/accredit them! and are in the best position to advice centres on teaching/assessing time frames etc.

We are aware from feedback received from candidates that some of our other regional centres in the south west region are advertising electrical courses at under 50% of the guided learning hours provided by the the awarding bodies and combining qualifications which were designed to the taught and assessed separately. Our centre continues to constantly receive telephone and emails from candidates who have been taught elsewhere and failed examinations and assessments with little or no additional support and find themselves presented with extortionate resit fees.

Morris Services Limited prides itself on delivering electrical qualifications observing at least the GLH suggested, and in many cases, over the teaching hours to support candidates gain the qualification first time round. The teaching and management team have all been teaching and assessing electrical candidates in Bristol for over twenty years and Morris Services Ltd publishes ALL awarding body inspection reports carried out on the centre over the past ten years in business together with an external candidate feedback system which constantly monitors our performance as a centre and feeds back into our quality assurance system. We are sceptical of any centre who finds the need to publicly resort to so called unpublished and speculative criticism of local further education colleges and private training providers within our locally, all of whom, have served Bristol and the surrounding region for many years with excellent service.

Please be aware that your success in gaining electrical qualifications is greatly improved by studying them in the recommended manner! Our course fees are highly competitive as a private non government funded centre.

We get many calls from candidates who have studied 'fast track' courses at reduced fees, which may seem highly attractive at the time but when results are published find themselves a) not supported or b) considerable additional costs in retraining and resit examinations!!!

Please read the City & Guilds "Chief Examiners Reports" written 2394-302 and 2395-302 Written Examinations - Recent Feedback

"Candidates and centres should be mindful that this qualification relates to the initial verification of electrical installations. It was evident from answers provided by some candidates that they confused this process with that required during periodic inspection and testing."

"Candidates and centres should be mindful that this qualification relates to the periodic inspection of electrical installations. It was evident from answers provided by some candidates that they had little experience or understanding of the requirements for periodic inspection. It was further apparent from some of the information given in the candidates’ responses that many were referencing initial verification requirements."

2394-302 Reports and national pass rates

2394-302 Reports and national pass rates

Read our candidates course feedback for both qualifications and others here